If you break it we will send you a new one.

About Us

Mild to Wild Toys


We don't think having a little fun should cost you an arm or a leg.  Maybe just a  little red rear end.

We pay attention to a different moon


Let us help you spice things up at a reasonable price.

* FREE shipping in the continental US.


If you break it send it back we will replace it.

Who is WapWap69


Wap Wap 69 was all fun and games. I was dealing with this material every day and one day it hit me . (make a paddle) I introduced it to some friends who thought it was great and loved the dual texture plastic paddle.  I went to an event where someone was spanking with a  ping pong paddle and broke it, I gave them one of my round spanking paddles to use, told them it was unbreakable. They tried but it held up, I called that a sucess. After that I thought everyone needed to have access to my paddles, I reseached plastic paddles and didn't find any like these especially that were dual textured plastic spanking paddles. I found these plastic paddles to be virtually unbreakable so we went with a guaranteed replacement if you break one. I know shipping is sometimes a added cost, not at wapwap69 we ship our plastic paddles free in the continental US. We added a Lexan paddle to the mix and it is very popular. We have options of putting holes in our plastic spanking paddles as well as our Lexan paddles.

ps. wapwap is the sound you hear when you are spanking with our product.